Welcome to Yashas Academy

We offer instructor led in-class and online-live training program for following courses. For in-class training, each student will get a Chromebook or a laptop with Linux to practice hands-on programming during the class. Online-live students will practice programming on their own system. Students will use a common live meeting channel to chat, share and learn programming concepts. Classes are suitable for all age groups including high school students, pre-graduates, graduates, anyone seeking job or trying to build new skills in programming. Please click on the links below to learn more. Based on your interest please register for the course by clicking Register course. We are enrolling students beginning August 1st, 2023. Come, join us to begin your journey towards a successful career.

Courses Offered:

Basic C Programming


Advanced C and Linux Programming


Some of the features of Yashas C, Linux and Python in class learning academy are:

  1. It offers comprehensive and practical curriculum that covers the fundamentals and advanced topics of C, Linux and Python.
  2. It provides hands-on and interactive learning experiences that include lectures, labs, exercises, projects, and assessments.
  3. It has qualified and experienced instructors who are experts in their fields and can provide guidance and support to the learners.
  4. It has small and personalized classes that allow learners to get individual attention and feedback from the instructors.
  5. It has a friendly and collaborative community of learners who can network, collaborate, and learn from each other.

Class Schedule:

All classes are held between 4pm to 8pm, Monday to Saturday to make it convenient for everyone. All students are welcome to practice hands-on between 11am to 3pm Monday to Saturday.

Contact Us:

Email: learning@yashasacademy.com

Thank You